Welcome to Next Level Martial Arts
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Welcome to World Champion Karate

  Located in Orange, California, World Champion Karate has been dedicated to enabling families throughout Orange County for over a decade, through self defense, karate, kickboxing and fitness programs. Our highly trained staff of current World Champion instructors have a world class attitude and an unparallel way of distributing that knowledge, experience, and understanding to their students. All instructors at World Champion Karate are consistently training to improve their knowledge & understanding of the martial arts, and utilizing the latest modern methods of personal development.

This unique blend of self-defense, karate, kickboxing and grappling is what makes World Champion Karate a true mixed martial art. It teaches the student to be able to defend themselves in any situation. The confidence instilled from the training and the personal development empowers the student to be able to defend themselves physically and protect themselves mentally from the harms of life. Founded on the principles of perseverance, human development, and constant never-ending improvement everyday is what makes World Champion Karate stand alone from any other athletic activity.

Our highly energetic instructors excel in making the classes fun exciting and challenging. The students have a great time working up a sweat, burning calories, maintaining a good level of physical fitness and learning to defend themselves all at the same time. Our entire staff is dedicated to building our students self confidence so that they may live their potential now, have an “I CAN” Attitude and achieve their highest goals in life. Success is the sum of all efforts, repeated day in and day out. While building true confidence through knowledge in the mind, honest in the heart and strength in the body, students will come face to face with their innermost fears and doubts and learn to overcome them and gain courage in the process.


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