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Little Ninjas (Ages 3-5) Learn More

This program is structured to help build your child’s social skills. It is perfect for your preschoolers. While in a safe, fun, healthy environment you will increase their fitness and focus. Our Lil Ninjas program is specially designed for preschoolers to increase their coordination and listening ability. Through this fun exciting program they maintain a great fitness level as well as increased ability to learn and focus through basic martial arts skills and exercises.

Mighty Might Program (Ages 5-8) Learn More

This Program is designed for two purposes, to improve the student’s body and mind. Through martial arts and self defense you will see an increase in balance, coordination, and fitness all while in a safe and fun environment. As wells as sharpening the mind to have a strong focus and improved concentration. You will notice an increase level in self confidence, performance in school, and a stronger sense of respect for self and others. Through our Character development program you will notice a positive change. The program is designed to challenge the students mentally and physically and develop an “I CAN” attitude. Through this attitude the student will learn to preserver and overcome all obstacales in martial arts, school and life. By overcoming these adversities it will help them become better goal setters and goal getters.


Youth (Ages 8-12) Learn More

This Program is designed to develop unshakeable self confidence, rock solid self esteem and laser beam focus.  Through our martial arts and Character development program your child will began to live their full potential now. With our team of Super Hero Role Models your child will learn to compete against “Themselves.”  Students come to us from all types of backgrounds.  Some come for Self Defense, Self Confidence, Fitness or just for a fun physical outlet.  Each child is treated equally and expected to perform to the best of their own abilities. Martial arts is not thought of as a team sport. Students will learn to help others, be leaders and empower others to do their best and most importantly conflict resolution.  Students will not only be trained to defend themselves physically should someone assault them.  They will also learn to protect their minds and use “Verbal Judo,”  being able to throw words around to stop a physical altercation from occurring without having to throw a punch or kick.

Teens & Adults

Teen Program (Ages 13-17) Learn More

This Program is designed for teenagers in a fun, educational and  exciting environment where the students will learn self defense through a combination of traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum, while also offering practical self defense techniques. Students will gain a new level of Self Confidence, Awareness of danger, and the ability to make rational decisions in a pressured situation. Teens are faced with many different challenges and pressure in this day and age. Our program provides an environment like no other where your teens confidence will soar. Confidence truly is the “Key to self-defense, saying no to Peer Pressure, Stopping the bullies and living your full potential.”

Adult Program (Ages 16 & Up) Learn More

Our Adult program is designed for every individual. Whether in great shape, good shape, or I really need get in shape really soon.  We offer self defense and kickboxing classes that are geared to improve your fitness and flexibility.  Whether your goal is to get in shape, build your self confidence, learn to defend yourself, relieve some of the tension from the daily stresses of life or come to a fun and challenging environment to meet and learn with others, world champion karate is the place for you. Within both programs you will quickly notice a change and improvement in your overall level of energy and mental focus.  Things that may have been difficult or tiresome in the past will become a breeze. You will see noticeable improvement in your overall physical fitness, self-confidence, stress relief, weight loss and an overall positive attitude and outlook on life. Plus the benefit of working out with motivated people that have your best interest, extremely positive, and very goal oriented. It’s like having a personal trainer and life coach all packed in one. Unlike a regular gym where you just get a sweat.  At World Champion Karate you have instructors that are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.  While getting in shape in a fun, family oriented and relaxed atmosphere you will be gaining the confidence, knowledge and ability to defend yourself and family.

After School Program

After School Pick Up and Summer Camps Learn More

Our after school program involves safely transporting the students from school to our facility. Where they will engage in karate classes have time for homework and will develop skills to succeed in school, the martial arts, and life. Kids in afterschool programs have soared to new heights; in the way they conduct themselves, sportsmanship, and self confidence. Even more, parents and educators have reported excellent academic improvements. Too busy with work to bring your kids to or our program?  Looking for a positive productive activity for your child after school?  We have an After School Program that TRANSPORTS your child from their school!

Advanced Training

Kickboxing Learn More

World Champion Karate offers a fitness kickboxing class that focuses on bag work, conditioning and a all around full body work out.  Fitness Kickboxing is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise among adults today.  It’s an exciting, fast-paced workout that is perfect for building cardiovascular endurance, strength, muscle tone and burning calories. Best of all WCK’s kickboxing class teaches you to defend yourself as you get in the best shape of your life. The class is explosive and upbeat and will improve coordination, endurance and flexibility.  The class focuses on bag work, resistance training, footwork, offensive and defensive punching and kicking combinations. The instructors of WCK’s kickboxing program are so dedicated to keeping themselves and students in shape that they have been specially selected to teach in the Orange Unified School district through a curriculum called Healthy For Life/ PE4ME. This program is provided to reduce childhood obesity.



Have your son or daughter try a free introductory lesson with one of our instructors. After the introductory lesson you will have a consultation to discuss scheduling, programs and the goals for your child.  Registration is open and is based on a 12 week enrollment program. Class sizes and space are limited so calling ahead is highly recommended to guareentee your placement in class. Don’t delay set your child up with the tools to empower them for a lifetime. Call now to receive a free no obligation introductory trial lesson (714) 516-928.


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