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Little Ninjas (Ages 3-5)

This program is structured to help build your child’s social skills. It is perfect for your preschoolers. While in a safe, fun, healthy environment you will increase their fitness and focus.

Our Lil Ninjas program is specially designed for preschoolers to increase their coordination and listening ability. Through this fun exciting program they maintain a great fitness level as well as increased ability to learn and focus through basic martial arts skills and exercises.


What your Child Will Experience

A fun filled, high energy, face pace class that keeps your child’s interest, excitement and energy peaked. The class is approximately 40 minutes long. During the class children gain a strong sense of self confidence within the fun, positive class format.


What results can you expect:

         Improved Coordination

         Increased Focus

         Greater amount of Self Control

         Self Confidence

         Social Skills


How to Enroll

There is no better time to set your child up for success than now. Lil Ninjas is an ongoing and is based off of a 12 week program. Class sizes are limited so calling ahead is highly recommended to guarantee your spot.


Call now to receive your free no obligation introductory class (714) 516-9282


Mighty Might Program (Ages5-8)

This Program is designed for two purposes, to improve the student’s
body and mind. Through martial arts and self defense you will see an increase in balance, coordination, and fitness all while in a safe and fun environment. As wells as sharpening the mind to have a strong focus and improved concentration. You will notice an increase level in self confidence, performance in school, and a stronger sense of respect for self and others.

Through our Character development program you will notice a positive change. The program is designed to challenge the students mentally and physically and develop an “I CAN” attitude. Through this attitude the student will learn to preserver and overcome all obstacales in martial arts, school and life. By overcoming these adversities it will help them become better goal setters and goal getters.

Watch as your Child:

  • Increases Self confidence in mind, body and spirit
  • Grows in respect for self, others
  • Improves in Self Discipline

Our emphasis on Character development teaches our students to live their full potential now. Learning to preserver through yesterday and take on the challenges of today with a positive attitude will set them up for success in the future.

How to enroll:

Have your son or daughter try a free introductory lesson with one of our instructors. After the introductory lesson you will have a consultation to discuss scheduling, programs and the goals for your child.  Registration is open and is based on a 12 week enrollment program. Class sizes and space are limited so calling ahead is highly recommended to guareentee your placement in class. Don’t delay set your child up with the tools to empower them for a lifetime.
Call now to receive a free no obligation introductory trial lesson (714) 516-9282


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